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About Jason Oney and Shaded Pixel LLC

Web Design, Programming, and Consulting by Shaded Pixel LLC

  • User Interface Design Consulting
  • PHP with MySQL and JavaScript Programming
  • Modern Web Design using XHTML and CSS
  • Search Engine Optimization and SEO Consulting
  • User Survey Creation, Data Security and Database Management
  • Cost-effective Resilient Advertising on the Web and in Print
  • Logo Conception and Design
  • Internet Advertisements and Digital Media Creation
  • Content Management Integration
  • WordPress Blog setup
  • WordPress Blog Design Conception and Implementation
  • Photo Gallery Design and Creation
  • Flash Animation Design and Creation
  • Movie Alterations and Marketing Commercial Conception
  • Photo and Image Restoration for Damage to Image Area
  • Web Standards Compliance Consulting

I have been creating websites proficiently since January, 2008 when I entered the Information Management and Design program at BCTC College in Lexington KY where I worked as a web developer and tutored students in my field in my spare time. My design, PHP and JavaScript Programming, and XHTML with CSS coding skills are concurrent with the standards set forth by the World Wide Web Consortium more commonly known as the W3C. What this means for you is that the website I will create for you will be of the highest quality, Stand the test of time, and be optimized for speed and transparency on the latest web browsers.

Please ask how I am prepared to assist in reducing the overall price of my services and deliver top-quality.

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