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Professional Portfolio for Jason Oney, Web Designer

Web Design, PhP/JavaScript Programming, and Consulting

My first major project http://milttoby.com started in May 2009 and culminated in September 2009. The design I created was intended to instill a feeling of trust and display a clean crisp modern design using images provided from Milt's photography career.

The site is Search Engine Optimized. Searching "Milt Toby" on major search engines displays his website as the first non-paid or sponsored result on all major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, AltaVista, Bing, Ask and AOL. What this means for the owner is the site is accessible from roughly every search engine with a simple search without the need for the owner to pay for results.

Behind the scenes the code is unbreakable. Meaning the design remains the same in all web browsers still in use. Obtaining exacting results in a wide array of internet browsers is a very difficult task for any web developer. I have mastered the task.

I am relatively new to the field yet my skills set is of the highest Quality. I want to be your next web designer! Email me for a design quote.

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